Words To Live By

The year 2017 taught me that acceptance and gratitude are vital steps to happiness. I will work on being more present and more intentional in my relationships. Here's to 2018! Do not love half lovers Do not entertain half friends Do not indulge in works of the half talented Do not live half a life … Continue reading Words To Live By


How To Apply For A US Visa In Manila

Going through my old passports, I just realized that my US visa is set to expire soon! I got my visa 10 years ago (December 2007) but I still the remember clearly the stress of getting all our documents in order, filing our application, and travelling to Manila for the interview. So I thought to share … Continue reading How To Apply For A US Visa In Manila

Weekend Getaway: Bohol

Summer has come and gone, and I've not written anything decent on here yet. Sigh. Time to hustle, and here's one I've drafted over a year ago!  Bohol is probably one of my most favorite places to visit because of its proximity (2 hours away from Cebu by ferry), its beautiful white sand beaches, laidback and … Continue reading Weekend Getaway: Bohol


I can't believe it's been months since I've written anything decent here. I have been to places and have done some things and I always thought 'This is amazing, I will write about this!'. But, nothing. You know that feeling that you want to say something, but you just can't find the words? Or your … Continue reading Fried

When In Berlin: DDR Museum

If you remember your history lessons, when Germany lost at the end of World War II, Berlin was divided amongst the Allied Forces. The East went to the Soviet Union, while the West consisted of the American, British, and French occupation sectors. East Berlin then became the GDR or German Democratic Republic (a socialist government which was essentially … Continue reading When In Berlin: DDR Museum