The Terminal

Airports. I have always loved them, and always will. Somehow I don't hate waiting as much when I'm at the airport. I just love the flurry of activity around me. I love watching all the people come and go, making up stories about them in my head. I'm not sure if that makes me some kind of … Continue reading The Terminal


My New York Eats

Because my plans of going back to New York late last year didn't push through (huhuhu), I will just reminisce and dream about the food I miss! Hotdogs Okay, there's really nothing special about their boiled hotdogs. But it is one of the iconic New York foods, so you just gotta try one. Plus, it's quite … Continue reading My New York Eats

The Complete Ilocos Itinerary

We did this itinerary back in 2012. Reposting because I miss spontaneous trips and quick weekend getaways. ----- For those who want to follow our ala Amazing Race tour of Ilocos, here's a complete rundown of all our activities and equivalent cost (if any) in those 3 days.But just to warn you, this type of … Continue reading The Complete Ilocos Itinerary

How To Get a Schengen Visa via the German Embassy

One downside to being a citizen of our beloved country is having to apply for visa when travelling to non-Southeast Asian countries. I was able to apply for a US visa last 2007 and a Schengen visa just this March. Fortunately, I got approved for both. So now I am hoping to give you some … Continue reading How To Get a Schengen Visa via the German Embassy