The Complete Ilocos Itinerary

We did this itinerary back in 2012. Reposting because I miss spontaneous trips and quick weekend getaways.


For those who want to follow our ala Amazing Race tour of Ilocos, here’s a complete rundown of all our activities and equivalent cost (if any) in those 3 days.But just to warn you, this type of traveling isn’t for everybody. I’ve never heard of anyone else who has visited the area in such a short time! Although I think one of the main reasons why it worked for us is that it was just the 2 of us and we get along really well. So no drama, no queue-ing for the bathroom, and no dillydallying – that’s ย why we were able to visit all these places in just a short time.


  • 930pm – left Manila for Vigan via GV Bus Line (Php550)


  • 530am – arrived in Bantay, Vigan and took a tricycle to Calle Crisologo (Php15)
  • Photo-ops for a couple of hours in Calle Crisologo (with a Php10 drink of taho on the side)
  • Went around the plaza and visited the Vigan Cathedral
  • Headed to Bantay Church via tricycle (Php15)
  • Picture taking inside and by the Bantay Bell Tower (Php10 donation)
  • Went to Cafe Uno for brunch (Php10 for tricycle)
  • Vigan longganisa and native tsokolate lunch in Cafe Uno (Php155 with tip)
  • Walked to Crisologo Museum and Simbaan a Bassit
  • 130pm – we decided to head on to Laoag via Partas Bus Line (Php125)
  • 330pm – arrived in Laoag, quick check-in at Isabel Suites and started the tricycle tour (Php800 for the whole trip, so Php400 each)
  • First stop of the tour: Malacanang of the North (Php30 entrance fee)
  • Tour of the Marcos Mausoleum, Marcos museum and photo gallery (Php50 entrance fee to the museum)
  • Walked over to Batac Church for a couple of pictures
  • Went to Paoay Church
  • Then proceeded to the Paoay Sand Dunes (we didn’t do any sand surfing, though)
  • Sunset visit to Fort Ilocandia
  • 630pm – Dinner and coffee at Saramsam Ylocano Restaurant (Php305)
  • Headed to Isabel Suites and called it a night (Php15 tricycle)


  • 500am – started the day with Jollibee breakfast (Php68 meal)
  • 630am – left for Pagudpud via GMW Bus (Php70 non-aircon bus fare)
  • 830am – arrived in Baduang, Pagudpud and hired our ‘tourcycle’ (Php1200 for both North and South tours max 3 people; so we paid Php600 each)
  • First destination for the tour: Patapat Viaduct
  • Quick stop at Agua Grande River Park
  • Went to Blue Lagoon, Bantay Abot Cave and Timmangtang Rock (Php20 entrance fee for all 3)
  • Visited Saud Beach
  • Had sumptous lunch of bulalo and nilagang baka at Mika’s carinderia (Php220 good for 3)
  • Detoured to the giant shell monument
  • Proceeded to Kabigan Falls (Php10 entrance fee, plus Php100 for the tour guide)
  • Quick buko juice refreshment on the way back from the falls (Php15)
  • Went to see the Bangui Windmills
  • Adventure at the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
  • Sunset photo session at Cape Boreador Lighthouse
  • 530pm – waited along the National Highway for a bus ride back to Laoag
  • 700pm – caught GV Bus (Php50 fare)
  • 800pm – arrived in Laoag Bus Station and ate Ilocos empanada for dinner (Php30 for the special kind)
  • Coffee at Saramsam (Php50 including tip)
  • Late night tour of the town plaza, then headed back to hotel


  • 530am – headed off to the Sinking Bell Tower and Church of Laoag for early morning photography
  • Morning shots of the plaza
  • Quick breakfast at McDonald’s (Php89)
  • 830am – checked out from Isabel Suites (Php1400 per day for a Standard Twin room)
  • Took a tricycle to GV Bus Station (Php11 fare)
  • Ate miki at Christine Marie’s Miki Hauz while waiting for our bus (Php35 for special miki)
  • 930am – bus left for Manila (Php650 fare)
  • Ate arroz caldo for dinner at one of the stops (Php45)
  • 1030pm – arrived in Manila after 13 hours (!) of travel time

Total cost for the trip: Php5,000 (or Php4,993 to be exact)

Although this was one of the most action-packed trips I’ve been in, it energized me more than it had worn me out. I guess it’s the adrenaline and excitement of being in a new place again and feeling like we need to make the most out of our short time there.

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9 thoughts on “The Complete Ilocos Itinerary

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi! i was just in Pagudpud last week and the tryk tour is cheaper that above. P1000 for both north and south tour. You can text kuya allan 09184189990 for the tour. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. dizzyme says:

    Thanks, Tina! Yep, you'll definitely save a lot of time by traveling by plane. But iba din minsan ang experience when traveling by bus. =) Hope you enjoy Ilocos as much as I did! =)


  3. tina miranda says:

    Ang galing! We would be using this itinerary as our guide for our own trip next year. ๐Ÿ™‚ We would be travelling via plane though so that could save us some time right? Congratulations again for a good post.


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