The Complete Ilocos Itinerary

We did this itinerary back in 2012. Reposting because I miss spontaneous trips and quick weekend getaways.


For those who want to follow our ala Amazing Race tour of Ilocos, here’s a complete rundown of all our activities and equivalent cost (if any) in those 3 days.But just to warn you, this type of traveling isn’t for everybody. I’ve never heard of anyone else who has visited the area in such a short time! Although I think one of the main reasons why it worked for us is that it was just the 2 of us and we get along really well. So no drama, no queue-ing for the bathroom, and no dillydallying – that’s  why we were able to visit all these places in just a short time.


  • 930pm – left Manila for Vigan via GV Bus Line (Php550)


  • 530am – arrived in Bantay, Vigan and took a tricycle to Calle Crisologo (Php15)
  • Photo-ops for a couple of hours in Calle Crisologo (with a Php10 drink of taho on the side)
  • Went around the plaza and visited the Vigan Cathedral
  • Headed to Bantay Church via tricycle (Php15)
  • Picture taking inside and by the Bantay Bell Tower (Php10 donation)
  • Went to Cafe Uno for brunch (Php10 for tricycle)
  • Vigan longganisa and native tsokolate lunch in Cafe Uno (Php155 with tip)
  • Walked to Crisologo Museum and Simbaan a Bassit
  • 130pm – we decided to head on to Laoag via Partas Bus Line (Php125)
  • 330pm – arrived in Laoag, quick check-in at Isabel Suites and started the tricycle tour (Php800 for the whole trip, so Php400 each)
  • First stop of the tour: Malacanang of the North (Php30 entrance fee)
  • Tour of the Marcos Mausoleum, Marcos museum and photo gallery (Php50 entrance fee to the museum)
  • Walked over to Batac Church for a couple of pictures
  • Went to Paoay Church
  • Then proceeded to the Paoay Sand Dunes (we didn’t do any sand surfing, though)
  • Sunset visit to Fort Ilocandia
  • 630pm – Dinner and coffee at Saramsam Ylocano Restaurant (Php305)
  • Headed to Isabel Suites and called it a night (Php15 tricycle)


  • 500am – started the day with Jollibee breakfast (Php68 meal)
  • 630am – left for Pagudpud via GMW Bus (Php70 non-aircon bus fare)
  • 830am – arrived in Baduang, Pagudpud and hired our ‘tourcycle’ (Php1200 for both North and South tours max 3 people; so we paid Php600 each)
  • First destination for the tour: Patapat Viaduct
  • Quick stop at Agua Grande River Park
  • Went to Blue Lagoon, Bantay Abot Cave and Timmangtang Rock (Php20 entrance fee for all 3)
  • Visited Saud Beach
  • Had sumptous lunch of bulalo and nilagang baka at Mika’s carinderia (Php220 good for 3)
  • Detoured to the giant shell monument
  • Proceeded to Kabigan Falls (Php10 entrance fee, plus Php100 for the tour guide)
  • Quick buko juice refreshment on the way back from the falls (Php15)
  • Went to see the Bangui Windmills
  • Adventure at the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
  • Sunset photo session at Cape Boreador Lighthouse
  • 530pm – waited along the National Highway for a bus ride back to Laoag
  • 700pm – caught GV Bus (Php50 fare)
  • 800pm – arrived in Laoag Bus Station and ate Ilocos empanada for dinner (Php30 for the special kind)
  • Coffee at Saramsam (Php50 including tip)
  • Late night tour of the town plaza, then headed back to hotel


  • 530am – headed off to the Sinking Bell Tower and Church of Laoag for early morning photography
  • Morning shots of the plaza
  • Quick breakfast at McDonald’s (Php89)
  • 830am – checked out from Isabel Suites (Php1400 per day for a Standard Twin room)
  • Took a tricycle to GV Bus Station (Php11 fare)
  • Ate miki at Christine Marie’s Miki Hauz while waiting for our bus (Php35 for special miki)
  • 930am – bus left for Manila (Php650 fare)
  • Ate arroz caldo for dinner at one of the stops (Php45)
  • 1030pm – arrived in Manila after 13 hours (!) of travel time

Total cost for the trip: Php5,000 (or Php4,993 to be exact)

Although this was one of the most action-packed trips I’ve been in, it energized me more than it had worn me out. I guess it’s the adrenaline and excitement of being in a new place again and feeling like we need to make the most out of our short time there.

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9 thoughts on “The Complete Ilocos Itinerary

  1. Anonymous says:

    hi! i was just in Pagudpud last week and the tryk tour is cheaper that above. P1000 for both north and south tour. You can text kuya allan 09184189990 for the tour. 🙂


  2. dizzyme says:

    Thanks, Tina! Yep, you'll definitely save a lot of time by traveling by plane. But iba din minsan ang experience when traveling by bus. =) Hope you enjoy Ilocos as much as I did! =)


  3. tina miranda says:

    Ang galing! We would be using this itinerary as our guide for our own trip next year. 🙂 We would be travelling via plane though so that could save us some time right? Congratulations again for a good post.


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