How To Get a Schengen Visa via the German Embassy

One downside to being a citizen of our beloved country is having to apply for visa when travelling to non-Southeast Asian countries. I was able to apply for a US visa last 2007 and a Schengen visa just this March. Fortunately, I got approved for both. So now I am hoping to give you some … Continue reading How To Get a Schengen Visa via the German Embassy


52-week Financial Challenge

Another year, another chance at a new beginning. And that also means another year of travelling. Yay! For those who have been wanting to create their travel fund but don't know where to start, you can use this 52-week money challenge which I got from Pretty doable, because you start off at Php50 on … Continue reading 52-week Financial Challenge

Practical Tip: Pack Light

My friends know that I pride myself for being a light packer. I've always hated lugging around heavy and bulky bags filled with unnecessary items. I've made this mistake once, and I promised myself never again! So now I'm sharing with you some of the tricks I've learned to travel lightly: 1. Get bulky. When … Continue reading Practical Tip: Pack Light

Practical Tip: Sock It!

I have never been much of a socks fan. I only wore them in grade school and high school, when white socks are mandatory with black leather shoes; or had to wear rubber shoes or sneakers, which was rare. I prefer open-toed sandals because they made my feet feel free. (Whoa, lots of e's there!)Weird … Continue reading Practical Tip: Sock It!

Practical Tip: How to Get an NBI Clearance

Since I'm now moving to a new job, I had to fix my list of requirements and one of them's an NBI clearance. The last time I had to get one was 8 years ago, and I remember it not being a very pleasant experience. Despite being at the NBI office really early to line … Continue reading Practical Tip: How to Get an NBI Clearance

The Harrowing Experience That Was The FSO Exams

It's been more than three weeks since I took the panel interview and written exam portions of the FSO exam in Manila. Just goes to show how nerve-wracking and stressful the whole experience was, that I needed lots of time to rest and recuperate. I also needed time to look for my brain and regain … Continue reading The Harrowing Experience That Was The FSO Exams