When in Amsterdam: Anne Frank House

"When I write I can shake off all my cares. My sorrow disappears, my spirits are revived!" Anne Frank is the main reason I wanted to go to Amsterdam. Reading her story as a young girl, was such an eye-opener. She opened my eyes to the horrors of the Holocaust, which I think caused my … Continue reading When in Amsterdam: Anne Frank House


Where to Stay in Amsterdam: Stayokay Vondelpark

When looking for a hotel/hostel, my main consideration aside from price, is the location and its accessibility to the places and attractions I want to visit. So after days of reading through other travellers' blogs and TripAdvisor reviews, we decided to stay at Stayokay Vondelpark in Amsterdam. The hostel is right beside Vondelpark and quite … Continue reading Where to Stay in Amsterdam: Stayokay Vondelpark

My European Dream

So I'm back from our 3-week trip to Europe. Boo! 😦 We visited mainly 3 cities: Berlin, Amsterdam and Prague. Almost everyone kept asking me why not Paris, Rome, London or Barcelona as they are the most common places to be visited by first time travelers to Europe? Well for one, the friend we're visiting … Continue reading My European Dream