The Ancient Ruins of Ayutthaya

You’ve partied on Khao San Road, gone bargain shopping in Chatuchak Market, visited Wat Pra Khaew and seen the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok. What else can you do in Thailand?

We all know Thailand is also famous for their beaches, but If time (and budget) is a bit of an issue, you could head up north and go to the old city of Ayutthaya.

About an hour away from Bangkok, the city of Ayutthaya was the capital of Thailand in the 1300’s. It has been turned into a historical park, with a part of it declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Because of my personal love for history and all things ancient, Ayutthaya was one of my favorites for that Thailand trip in 2008. I just wish I spent more time there and had taken more photos.


There’s also a reclining buddha here


View from the top


All lined up


Hauntingly beautiful. Looks like autumn in summer


The buddha head in Wat Mahathat


3 thoughts on “The Ancient Ruins of Ayutthaya

    • dizzymae says:

      Hehe bali ta. Tapulan kaayo kog shopping so I probably spent 30mins ra in Chatuchak haha! I was alone too, so paspas kaayo ko napul-an, decided to go to Jim Thompson’s house instead hehe.

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      • smalltowngirlsmidnighttrains says:

        Really dais?? Ako kay…well, di ko hilig ug malls, but malingaw kaayo ko’g markets, if mag-Bangkok ko, 2x jud ko makaadto sa Chatuchak, even though kapoy. I’m not good at haggling but still. Pero bitaw, if I were alone, I wouldn’t have as much fun siguro.


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