Words To Live By

The year 2017 taught me that acceptance and gratitude are vital steps to happiness. I will work on being more present and more intentional in my relationships. Here's to 2018! Do not love half lovers Do not entertain half friends Do not indulge in works of the half talented Do not live half a life … Continue reading Words To Live By



I can't believe it's been months since I've written anything decent here. I have been to places and have done some things and I always thought 'This is amazing, I will write about this!'. But, nothing. You know that feeling that you want to say something, but you just can't find the words? Or your … Continue reading Fried

Mind Your Manners

Maybe it’s the heat getting to me, but we all need a little reminder now and then.

My Dizzy Thoughts

I’m sure most of us have known these things since we were little kids. But apparently, some people grew up in the jungle with Tarzan, that they need to be taught these few basic rules:

1. When you cough, sneeze, or burp, please learn to say ‘Excuse me’ and always cover your mouth! It’s bad enough that you’re making those disgusting noises. Don’t shower us with your germs, too.

2. Always say ‘Thank you’. And this should be replied with, ‘You’re welcome’. f317d-108151590Say ‘I’m sorry’ when you bump into someone or accidentally step on their foot. Don’t pretend like nothing happened. ‘Thank you’, ‘You’re welcome’, and ‘I’m sorry’ — Learn these words by heart.

3. Don’t talk when your mouth is full. No, that’s not multi-tasking when you chew and speak at the same time. We really don’t want to see how efficient your incisors and molars are in grinding…

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On The Way To METAFitness

The whole time I was working in Manila, I never participated in any physical activity. No running, no yoga, and no dancing. Nothing. That's about 4 years' worth of stressful, toxic and sedentary life. So now that I'm back in Cebu with lots of time in my hands, I have no more excuse not to … Continue reading On The Way To METAFitness

Amazeballs 2014!

Ok, this is just shameful. This is my first post for 2014 and I only wrote less than 20 posts last year! Shameful! I have major catching up to do this year!Anyway, one major thing I am excited about for this year is my trip to Europe!!! It's one of my bucket list items so … Continue reading Amazeballs 2014!