Public Commute: Going Around Prague

Prague is such a quaint little city that you could easily get around just by walking. But to cover long distances, you still need to take public transportation. Good thing Prague has an integrated transport system. Since we stayed for 3 days in the city, we got the 3-day pass which costs CZK310, and allowed … Continue reading Public Commute: Going Around Prague


Public Commute: Going Around Berlin

Among all the cities I've been in, I must say that Berlin has the best transportation system. I was able to ride in their S-Bahn, U-Bahn (subway), tram, bus, train and taxi, and they were all commuter friendly: being very clean, orderly and convenient. Of course clean and orderly is expected, we're in Germany after … Continue reading Public Commute: Going Around Berlin

Public Commute: Taxis on Demand

One of the things I hate about living in Manila is commuting. There's pollution, horrible traffic, fighting with other commuters and choosy cab drivers during rush hour. Not to mention the terrible news you hear about ladies being drugged, robbed and raped, worse killed. All these things make me anxious making commuting such an unpleasant … Continue reading Public Commute: Taxis on Demand

Public Commute: Newport City

Ever since working back here in Manila, I've always been on the look out for cheaper but convenient means of commuting around the metro. I really hate spending on taxicabs and I'm always antsy when taking one to a place I'm not familiar with. So, when I needed to go to Resorts World from my … Continue reading Public Commute: Newport City

Public Commute: How To Get Around New York City

I just got back from my very short trip to NYC and all I can say is, it was a dream come true! It definitely did not disappoint! Anyway, I'll talk about all my adventures in another post but for now let's talk about how to get around the city. 57th Street Of course, the … Continue reading Public Commute: How To Get Around New York City

Public Commute: NAIA Terminal 3

I went home to Cebu last weekend for a friend's wedding. I almost didn't, because I was on a really tight budget and the quick trip would definitely cause some damage to my bruised wallet. But I'm really glad I did!Anyway, as I said I was on a tight budget, so the P700 something I … Continue reading Public Commute: NAIA Terminal 3