When in Prague: 7 Things To Do For Free

When visiting a new place, you don't always have to spend a lot of money to appreciate and fully experience it. There are so many things to see and discover in a city, with just a little bit of curiosity and a lot of walking :). And Prague is no exception. Here are seven things … Continue reading When in Prague: 7 Things To Do For Free


Visiting Prague: Mucha Museum

The Mucha Museum wasn't in my original itinerary. In fact, I have never heard of Alphonse Mucha until a friend suggested I go to the museum when I get to Prague. So after visiting Kafka and hanging out and eating lunch at the Old Town Square, I decided to walk around and try to find … Continue reading Visiting Prague: Mucha Museum

Public Commute: Going Around Prague

Prague is such a quaint little city that you could easily get around just by walking. But to cover long distances, you still need to take public transportation. Good thing Prague has an integrated transport system. Since we stayed for 3 days in the city, we got the 3-day pass which costs CZK310, and allowed … Continue reading Public Commute: Going Around Prague

Where to Stay in Prague: Arpacay Backpackers Hostel

A friend who's been to Prague the previous year recommended Arpacay to us. He said that the place is clean and quite near to Charles Bridge. I'm so glad we followed his recommendation, except for the long uphill climb to get there, I quite enjoyed my stay there. That's my bed! It had a quite … Continue reading Where to Stay in Prague: Arpacay Backpackers Hostel

Visiting Prague: Of Kafka Museum

Prague is home to Franz Kafka, one of the literary world's most influential writers. The term Kafkaesque has entered into the English language to describe situations that seem senseless and where one can't seem to get out of, which are common themes of his works. Throughout his life, he dealt with feelings of angst towards … Continue reading Visiting Prague: Of Kafka Museum

My European Dream

So I'm back from our 3-week trip to Europe. Boo! 😦 We visited mainly 3 cities: Berlin, Amsterdam and Prague. Almost everyone kept asking me why not Paris, Rome, London or Barcelona as they are the most common places to be visited by first time travelers to Europe? Well for one, the friend we're visiting … Continue reading My European Dream