When in Prague: 7 Things To Do For Free

When visiting a new place, you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to appreciate and fully experience it. There are so many things to see and discover in a city, with just a little bit of curiosity and a lot of walking :). And Prague is no exception.

Here are seven things you could do to explore this beautiful city without breaking the bank.

Walk along Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is probably one of Prague’s most popular tourist sites. I love that it is pedestrian only so you can take a leisurely stroll, appreciate each of the 30 statues decorating the bridge, and look out the Vlatava River.


The bridge connects the Old Town and Prague Castle side of the city


St. John Nepomuk. It is said that touching the statue will bring you good luck and let you return to Prague soon.

Pass the time at Old Town Square

I could just stay here for hours, eating sausages and ham, and watch the people walking by. It doesn’t help that beautiful buildings surround the square. At one point, I felt like I was Belle (of Beauty and the Beast) about to belt out ‘Little town, it’s a quiet village. Everyday like the one before…’. Seriously.


Old Town Square

20140605_192527We all wanted to hang out at the square

Here’s one of the night entertainment at the square. Apologies for my voice, it escaped from me before I realized it!

See the Astronomical Clock

The clock was first installed in the 1400s and is said to be the oldest astronomical clock still working (thanks for the info Wikipedia! ;)). Every hour, crowds gather right in front of the clock to see the ‘show’ or the Walk of Apostles. At the strike of the hour, you see figures of the apostles peep out of the small windows on the clock.

Walk the grounds of the Prague Castle

Visitors can wander around the courtyards for free, but you there’s a fee to enter the historical buildings. Sadly, we weren’t able to witness the Changing of the Guards. That would have been interesting.


Entrance to the castle


The view of the city from the castle

Stop and stare at beautiful buildings

I just love looking at old architecture. Why can’t we have more buildings like this at home? 😦

20140604_175133 20140604_235109 20140604_235905 20140605_001327

Visit the Infant of Prague

Coming from a family of Sto. Nino devotees, this was one of my must-do’s in Prague. The Infant of Prague is found inside the Church of Our Lady Victorious in the Mala Strana area, which was quite near our hostel. Nothing more peaceful than spending a quiet moment in church and being grateful for being here.

20140604_180638    20140604_182013

Find David Cerny’s sculptures

David Cerny is a Czech sculptor whose art always tended to be on the controversial  side. A lot of his works are found all over the city. Unfortunately, I have only seen two of these, the In Utero (near Wenceslas Square) and Piss (inside the Kafka museum grounds).

20140604_221934    20140604_195603

I know there’s more I have yet see and do in Prague. Maybe St. Joseph will help me return someday.

Have you been to Prague? What other sites have you visited (and activities you’ve done) there for free?


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